We make it quick.

Stop waiting – your game servers will be installed automatically once purchased. Upload your files or start it fresh and you're good to go within a minute!

We make it simple.

Our goal is to make games hosting simple: no technical knowledge required. Whether you're super skilled IT guy or it's your first time with the internet, Games-Host is made for everyone.

Try it!

We make it cheap.

Get the best performance for your game servers at low prices! Prices are determined by the amounts of slots, so check out the pricing page to find what suits you the best!

Plenty of features

Games-Host provides a lot of great features to manage your game servers. Once you signed up, you will have access to your dashboard where you can operate with ease your game server.
Check out the demonstration panel here!

Here's a quick list of the features you have access to with your game server:

  • Sub-Accounts – Add administrators to your game server by creating sub-accounts.
    You can customize what game server and what pages they have access to.
  • FTP Access – Upload and download files to your game server easily by using your favorite FTP client.
  • Version Manager – Switch the version of your game server with a single click. The version manager will download and install automatically the server version you want in seconds.
  • MySQL database – For as low as 2 tokens per months, get an unlimited MySQL database access to connect your game server or external website to.
  • Statistics – A daily or weekly report of how many players were on your servers or how much resources your game server is using, we got stats!

Even more features!

Wait! There's more. Below are some other awesome advantages you will get with Games-Host.

  • Fast & Helpful Support – Our technical support will help you with any questions you may have via chat or E-Mails. Don't hesitate to ask, we'll answer as fast as we can!
  • Low Ping – No more lags online. Your game server is guarenteed to run on a powerful machine with a lot of bandwith.
  • Easy Payments – We now accept PayPal, Allopass or Starpass payments. Whether you want to pay by credit card or with your phone, there's always a solution. More than 100 different countries accepted!
  • Tokens – To make it easy, we're using tokens to proceed payments. For one Allopass/Starpass code or 1 Paypal €uro, you'll get a token on your account. You can then use them to buy anything on Games-Host!

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